In the world over, we discuss frequently, the cost of black ignorance without juxtaposing that to the value that will come along when we promote black enlightenment. This black ignorance, which is indeed an injury to our community, is seeing to be significant in all our communities not just in […]

If Africans can’t find solutions to Africa’s Problems then Africa’s Problems have no Solutions at all. (Africa will not be Developed by Foreign Investors). Before Niccolo Machiavelli wrote his famous book ~The Prince in 1513, the norm in Continental Europe was that “Wars must be fought by mercenaries”. This means […]

The Danish government has apologized to Ghana for its role in the slave trade which saw an estimated 12 million Africans including Ghanaians shipped across the Atlantic. (Denmark apologizes to Ghana for role in slave trade) The Atlantic slave trade involved the forced transportation by slave traders of enslaved Africans, mainly from Africa to […]