Black People Created The First White People


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Black People in history of the world cannot be told completely without emphasis on Black people being the original and first inhabitants of the earth. Studies and findings show that the first modern humans were birthed in Africa, and then from the Black human’s other races of the world were formed or mutated.

The genetic studies by the University of Harvard in 2015 went a long way in proving that white people came from Blacks. They came to this scientific conclusion by focusing on Ancient European’s modern human fossils and remains. Below are so of the findings and accounts:

The Birth of The Human Being: From Tumai to Omo 1:

The world, as we know it, according to scientific theories, was created around 13 billion years ago. Dinosaurs inhabited and ruled the earth, until 65 million years ago. Smaller mammals only emerged on earth after the age of dinosaurs was destroyed by an asteroid that collided with earth. The first small mammals that emerged produced the first primate that gave birth to the chimpanzee and the first hominid in the planet’s history.

The first hominid was barely different from the monkey and was the pre-human species, called Tumai. Their fossils were dug up in Chad and are dated to be 7 million years old. Evolution took place for many millions of years in Africa, producing the Homo Erectus, Homo habilis, Homo Naledi, Homo rhedesiensis, and other species of humans who came after them.

The fossils of these initial human species are majorly found in and around Southern and Eastern Africa. Some of these first human species relocated to other continents of the world and somehow ended up disappearing from the face of the earth.

The Omo 1, as they are referred to, are the first modern humans born with the forehead and chin, around 200,000 years ago. The fossils and remains of the Omo 1 were discovered at Kibish in the Southern area of Ethiopia. The word was conquered and inhabited by the first black Africans.

How Black Africans Traveled And Populated The Earth:

About 100,000 years ago, Africans began their immigration and journey outside the Black continent and entered Yemen and Palestine. They were the first modern humans to occupy entire Asia, moving from Israel to Japan. While they dominated Asia, other Africans, who were short in nature (Pygmies), traveled with the ocean currents through the Atlantic ocean and arrived in Brazil around 50,000 to 65,000 years ago. This migration resulted in the population of the Americas.

The first population which reached Asia would spread from South-East Asia into Australia, around 50,000 years ago and dominated all the Pacific Islands up to the Hawaii area. Also, some of the Asian population stretched out and migrated to Europe around 40,000 years ago, and dominated the Scandinavia and England region.

For thousands of years, the world had only black people, and the above accounts were how they spread and populated the earth. The birth of white Europeans, Asians, Arabs and other variants of light-skinned people were around 7,7000 years ago.

The Major Role Of Vitamin D In Human Evolution:

Vitamin D is a key component of the human body, and it enables it to absorb calcium which in turn helps in bone creation. But this process of bone creation with vitamin D can be complete without Sunrays. The brightest the sun, the more ability the body possesses to synthesize vitamin D.

But the excess sun in Africa will lead to skin cancer, so the African body synthesizes melanin to protect it from the harsh effects of the sun. The blackness of the African people is because the skin/body has to adjust to the heat of our sun. The Melanin now serves as a filter for the body, which allows the adequate rays of the sun to pass and synthesize enough Vitamin D for the human bones.

Blacks In North Europe

When the Black humans reached the North of Europe, they met an icy and cold climate, which was different from their original habitat. During that era in human history, even Switzerland was immersed in Ice. The Ice age which is known as ‘Wurm Glaciation’ had begun around 130,000 years ago and ended around 10,000 years ago. There was less sunny days and colder, making the production of much Vitamin D less likely, including the fact that the Melanin was still active on the few sunny days.

The initial deficiency in Vitamin D which was as a result of melanin protection and low sunlight caused disabilities, fractures and also premature deaths among the first Africans in Northern Europe. Research by Clemens TL (and others) in 1982 and Carolina Bolina in 2014, shows that white people had a higher vitamin D production than Black people when exposed to the same dosage of sunlight. This was why the body of the first Africans in Northern Europe had to get rid of the melanin.

How White People Fully Appeared On Earth:

Black people populated the whole of Luxemburg, Hungary, and Spain at around 8,500 years ago. The Original Eurasians who were the first Africans to arrive Europe 7,800 years ago from Western Asia, spread two genes in Europe. The genes are SLC24A5 and SLC45A2, which are responsible for the skin color of the white man.

Scandinavian Region

The initial population of the Scandinavian region started around 7,700 years ago and was colder than in other regions of Europe.

The initial white-skinned humans in Scandinavia carried the HERC2/OCA2 gene that is characterized by blue eyes, blond hair and white skin.

The Scandinavian weather and climate supported the growth and long life of the white skin and gene, and so they multiplied more as against the black skin.

The process is what science calls ‘Natural selection’, and it led to the complete whitening of Europe around 5,800 years ago.

Studies show that the three above mentioned genes are “albinism genes”, and are found in and originated from Africa.

The OCA gene simply stands for OculoCutaneous Albinism, and further shows that nature chose to uphold and spread albinism in Europe, as a result of environmental constraints.

And this then means that albinism (which is the state of the white man’s skin) is originally an African trait.

Hair Color Of White Man:

As was stated above, the albinism in Europe is strongly related to blond hair color, as it is in Africa.

Also, there are traces of people with red hair in Africa, who are not products of race mixing, as is the case with Africans with freckles.

So European hair diversity is not originally a European phenomenon, but African. This diversity of hair color is a function of the original genes from Africa, which then later showed up in the European white population.

The same above mentioned phenomenon can be used to give an account of the green and blue eyes of Europeans. These eyes colors are originally Africa and have spread among the white Europeans through the OCA2 gene.

Straight Hair Of Europeans And Africans:

Straight hair among blacks and whites are more of a function of the climate than of genes.

The heavy sunshine in Africa made the Africans grow spirally shaped hair to protect the head from excessive heat, while the cold temperature of Europe, made the European hair to grow down and cover the external respiratory organs from cold and diseases.

Straight Hair

But the facts remain that there are black people all over the world, with straight hair. The Greeks in the description of the black people of ancient Sudan made mention of Black people with long and straight hair.

Today, they are found in India and also in Africa, among the Fulani people. So it is obvious that the straight hair of Europeans was formed due to weather conditions during the time of their mutation.

The Origin of The Thin Facial Features of Europeans:

Studies show that long and narrow nostrils do a better job at heating up the air that goes into the lungs in cold weather, while short and broad nose does not.

It is sufficient to note that the original blacks who reached Europe first were faced with respiratory diseases due to a large inflow of cold air, and this condition was solved by nature, by changing the nose of those in Europe to thin and narrow noses.

Ancient Carthage

The skulls in the picture above clearly show a Black skull on the left and a white skull on the right. All the skulls that were dug up from ancient Carthage were the same as the one on the left, except one, and are predominantly Black. While the skull on the left is majorly typical of black people, the skull on the right is both a white feature and is also found in many Black people.

The Rwandans, Somali, Fulani and Black Indians (Dravidians) are a few among the Black tribes that have this skull type and thin face. Therefore it is most definite that the European facial feature is originally African.

All the features of the white man are predominantly and originally found in Africa, and it then means that their features are a recombination of the features of various variants of the black human in Africa.

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How Asians Appear on The Planet Earth:

Although European stereotypes have cast the Asians in the light of “Yellow people”, they are white and also are a variant of the original African people. The present Eastern Asians possess the OCA2 gene, which also places them as Albinos.

Their slanting eyes were developed as a result of their living in the snowy mountains of North Asia, found between Siberia and Mongolia.

Due to the high altitude, bright light and cold winds cause them to dim their eyes. These two factors which were dominant in that region were the reason their eyes turned that way.

The Asian facial feature is found predominantly among the Khoisan people of Africa, who are descendant of the Bantus and Pygmies of the Great Lakes.

How Other White People Of The world Mutated From Blacks:

When the white human from northern Eurasia arrived the Middle-East around 5,000 years ago, they met the black human there and both colors mixed. Their mixture gave birth to the Semitic White people. The Akkadians in Iraq were the initial Semitic white, as stated by Cheikh Anta Diop. And so, by record and findings, all the Semitic Whites are a product of the encounter between Black and White people.

White and Canaanites-Pheonician Blacks

The Arabs of today were produced from a mixture of Whites and Original Blacks from Arabia which are known as Sabeans. While those from Palestine, Lebanon, the Hebrews, and Syrians are a product of the mixture between White and Canaanites-Pheonician Blacks who occupied the Near East. The White Berbers of today are only about 1,000 years old and are a product of White European slaves and Black Berbers who were Originally from the Maghreb area in Africa.

Furthermore, there are other races of white people whose origins are important to note. Some of them are the Amerindians who are a product of Asians who migrated to America around 5,000 years ago, and the Blacks who were originally from the Americas. The Latinos of today were given birth to from the coming together of Europea colonizers and Amerindians – this race of Latinos are only about 500 years old.

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There is a record of white people who are referred to as the “Mediterranean type”, and are a product of the mixture between Whites and the Black Civilizers of Europe.

The first wave was the Egyptian around 3,500 years ago, at the dawn of the Greco-Roman civilization, which consisted of Blacks from the Near East (Phoenicians) on one hand and through Italy’s Blacks called Etruscans on another hand.

The second wave was around 1,300 years by the Black Berbers from Maghreb (Moors or Saracens). These Africans infiltrated the south of Europe to the point that to date, their population still poses strong black features.

It is important to note that the Turkish have a Phoenician ancestry. The Greek has an Egyptian and Phoenician ancestry, and these have been proven genetically.

Furthermore, present-day Italians posses Phoenicians, Etruscans, and Moorish ancestry.

This is how the human race as we know it today came to spread throughout the earth.

And it is most important to know that the origin was Africa and that the first color was black, with white color being a product of climate adaptation and mutation.

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