Last week, Kenyan based Pan-Afrikan writers’ collective Jalada Africa published the short story, Ituĩka Rĩa Mũrũngarũ: Kana Kĩrĩa Gĩtũmaga Andũ Mathiĩ Marũngiĩ, (translated The Upright Revolution: Or, Why Humans Walk Upright) by popular Kenyan author Ngugi wa Thing’o into over 30 languages, making it the single most translated Afrikan short […]

Sankofa is an Akan (West African) word made up of three parts: san (“return”), ko (“go back”), and fa (“fetch/retrieve”). It is a symbol and principle that serves to remind us that the past is a “resource” and not merely a “reference.” Different Interpretation It is ripe with meaning for […]

Incarnation descends from a Latin action word, incarn, which literally means “embody in flesh.” The term figuratively employs flesh as a manifestation of life and is therefore symbolic surrogation. Incarn, when employed in the resultant term, incarnation, more accurately means “to bring to life.” The manifestation of this concept is […]

African Reincarnation is generally accepted as a term that means a dead person returns to life in another being. It is thought that, among some cultures, this means a return to life as an animal, whereas it has been said that Africans, who believe in the concept of reincarnation, see […]