The Ga people are a small ethnic group comprising a population of nearly 700,000 people in the south of the modern country of Ghana. There are six states of the Ga people: Accra, Nugua, La, Osu, Teshi, and Tema. The original Ga kingdom of Nkran gives the city of Accra […]


The name Abaluyia refers to a large ethnic and linguistic group that lives in Kenya and parts of Uganda.When speaking of one person,the Abaluyia use the word Omuluyia, and when referring to their language, they use the word Luluyia. Seventeen sub-nations exist among the Abaluyia. They are Abakhayo, Bukusu, Vugusu, […]

Abela is a simple form of greeting strangers and familiar people among the Ngemba people of Cameroon. It is usually interpreted as “How is it?” The response is “abongne,” meaning “It is good.” This is a common expression among the Ngemba, an ethnic group from the Northwest province, Cameroon. The […]