Preceded only by Nyame (Creator) in power and importance, Asase Yaa (also referred to as Aberewa [old woman] and Mother Earth) is the second Great Spirit revered within Akan cosmology. The Akan regard the earth as a female spirit because of her fertility and power to bring forth life and […]


The ankh is a pervasive symbol in ancient Egypt. The meaning of the ankh conveys the idea of life or the force that generates living. It has been found on all types of materials, including leather, stone, copper, and wood, although it is most often used on gold. The ankh […]

In Atheism we don’t know when the first theists appeared among humankind although there is some evidence it was at least 60,000 years ago. We don’t know where or when it happened, but we can imagine one of our distant ancestors stretched his arms skywards and cried for help. Triggered […]