Institutional racism is when racial discrimination is established as normal behaviour within organisations that make up society. In other words, it’s so ingrained, it becomes completely commonplace – and it can be hard to even spot it. But the existence of this structural form of racism is obvious through disparities […]

When I was ten, my mother made me read Roots cover to cover, and she’d coax me to curl up beside her to watch old newsreels of black civil rights protesters being hosed, beaten, and dragged off to prison. We watched Norman Lear sitcoms, so I’d learn from Archie Bunker […]

Two types of energies that we possess are negative and positive. Positive energy is terrific as it motivates and inspires us, as well as making us feel happy, alive, and energized. On the flip side, negative energy will make us feel exactly the opposite, unhappy, depressed, even angry. Extreme volumes […]