Czech Republic offers Nigerians money to LEAVE and NEVER RETURN


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The Czech Republic has decided to pay Nigerians and other migrants to encourage them to leave the central European country.

The offer is under a programme that focuses particularly on migrants from Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Mongolia, Russia, and Vietnam.

According to a report published on RemixNews, a Czech Republic-based newspaper, the Czech government would pay any migrants who would voluntarily leave the country and other EU countries 4,000 EUR.


The programme tagged ”Returns” established by the Czech Interior Ministry would assist immigrants with transportation costs and integration in their country of origin, including accommodation, household equipment or domestic animal expenses.

”Anyone who voluntarily leaves the country and promises not to return not only to the Czech Republic but to the EU will be eligible for the money,” the report said.

”Allocation for the program amounts to 60 million CZK, 75 percent is to be covered from the European Asylum, migration and integration fund. Each individual could get funds ranging between 40,000 and 100,000 CZK. First funded returns should be processed in the third quarter of 2019.”

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116 thoughts on “Czech Republic offers Nigerians money to LEAVE and NEVER RETURN

  1. Are immigrants changing the face of the Czech and are they being disrespectful as guest too their host nation. I used too live in Germany and most people thought very highly of the Czech people and considered them too be extremely open minded and too welcome people too their country with open arms. What sparked the change too wanting immigrants out? Is it nationalism?

    1. Immigrants have always changed the face of their host countries especially when they are concentrated in a specific area, but immigration in general has been beneficial to any country. There might be a few unruly and troublesome guests but to cite a specific group in any repatriation policy is dangerous. The world cannot stop emigration/immigration natural disasters and increase in popution, management of who comes in and who goes out sensibly is the best alternative not programs that will embolden racist and bigots.

      1. This is the effect Donald Trump is having all over the Western world. They are now bold to show how much they hate immigrants from the countries mentioned.

        1. I don’t think most of these host countries hate foreigners. As there are so many benefits derived from immigrants, their actions and inactions can also be detrimental to their host nations if proper policies are not put in place to regulate their activities. Protection is also a way of preventing others from taking an undue advantage of your the system.

        2. Bravo! the world leader adding gasoline the the fire what can you expect. Don’t worry jesus is near to return let waiting patiently.

    2. 4000 EUR is an insult and the act of sending us away is very irrational. Every bad and evil thing started In Europe, you owe us ‘Africa’ everything


          1. Nigerians pls come home let us join hands to fight all the menace and make Nigeria a good place again. I believe we can, I have not left Nigeria before to any country except for business and I am not complaining.

        1. YOU PEOPLE HAVE NO CLUE AS TO WHAT’S HAPPENING IT’S ALL PART OF THE PROPHECY OF TMH GOD IN DEUT CHP 30, THE 2 EXODUS HAS BEGUN. GOD IS GATHERING HIS CHOSEN PEOPLE WHO WERE SCATTERED AND INSLAVED BY THE EDOMITE NATIONS DURING THE TRANS ATLANTIC SLAVE TRADE. THE PLAGUES OF EGYPT WILL BE COMING UPON ALL THE EUROPEAN NATIONS INVOLVED INCLUDING AMERICA. WHEN THE HEBREW ISRAELITES WERE ENSLAVED IN EGYPT, GOD MADE THE PALGUES SO BAD THAT THE EGYPTIANS PAID THE HEBREWS TO LEAVE. READ DUET 30. GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE WERE TAKEN FROM THE WEST COAST OF AFRICA AND NIGERA WAS RIGHT IN THE CENTER, THE TEN TRIBES ARE STILL IN AFRICA BUT THE TRIBE OF JUDAH WAS SCATTERED AND GOD SAID HE WOULD GATHER THEM IN THE LAST DAYS AND DESTROY THE NATIONS THAT INSLAVED THEM. DEUT 30: 3 Then YHVH thy God will turn thy captivity, and have compassion upon thee, and will return and gather thee from all the nations, whither YHVH thy God hath scattered thee. 4 If any of thine outcasts be in the uttermost parts of heaven, from thence will YHVH thy God gather thee, and from thence will he fetch thee: 5 and YHVH thy God will bring thee into the land which thy fathers possessed, and thou shalt possess it; and he will do thee good, and multiply thee above thy fathers. 7 And YHVH thy God will put all these curses upon thine enemies, and on them that hate thee, that persecuted thee.

        2. Trust me it will come a time when you will know if you pwople owe us or not , you see china ,africa and africans pride will be restored! Dnt for what you people did when you came to africa, we never came looki g looking for your ,your came looking for us ,kill us ,raping ,

        3. Europeans should repatriate the resources African leaders have stored in their banks.
          This is the reason Africans are migrating to Europe and America.
          The stolen wealth is what you s needed to for x Africa.

        4. Yes you don’t owe us a dime, but we will uproot all our diplomatic agreents with your country. You need us most ad you can’t survive without looting Africa like your ancestors.

        5. Western countries came to Africa and stole and nourished their countries with the resources they stole from Africa, they took African people and used them as slaves to build their countries now they are giving them a donkey king… no one will leave.. some make 4000 euros per week… so that offer it’s soo cheap…. they have come to collect what’s theirs

        1. The level of most people’s ignorance on migration and immigration is pitiful. The Southern hemisphere finances the Northern Hemisphere which means that, without Africa, Europe will simply cease to exist. As your government pillages the African continent for it’s natural resources and bribes every African politician in sight to make life for the African indigene in African unbearable, why are you suprised when the people your government oppress in Africa, show up in your country?

        2. Trust me when you people leave us in peace we will develope ,go to sudan, congo , and see how many off your kind bringing arms ,

        3. Unfortunately you can’t seem to understand that your fathers are the thieves who stole Africa dry and taught Africa the criminality that it now knows.Now you do not like it. You get to understand who the shame belongs to,your mouth is wide now,but you are enjoying what your fathers stole.

    3. Whatever the case, this a better option than what obtained in South Africa.
      While here they offer a monetary incentive, in South Africa they used violence, murder and arson in order to get rid of their unwanted guests.

    4. Whatever the case, this a better option than what obtained in South Africa.
      While here they offer a monetary incentive, in order to get rid of the their unwanted guests, in South Africa they used violence, arson and murderer.

      1. Animals don’t talk when himan beings are talking. You haven’t woken up yet front the hullicination and drug abuse. Since you people stopped your xenophobic attacked on fellow Africans has drug abuse stopped, even your ex president Zuma is a man marketing HIV for south Africa. You have no shame . long head AMD irrational nitwit who feel higher than other black nationalities. Your people cannot leave south Africa for otgwr places because they don’t like working and they cannot reason independently even your women knows nothing other than Nigeria men.

  2. It’s because most African immigrants out there have become nuisance and criminals, peddling on drugs and all manners of crimes.

      1. Most? Sure of that? Because of hasty generalization. Deal with the criminals separately but do not rush to generalize and say everyone is like that if you cannot back it with evidence.

      2. Most? Sure of that? Because of hasty generalization. Deal with the criminals regardless of where they are from separately but do not rush to generalize and say everyone is like that if you cannot back it with evidence. Law abiding individuals should not suffer from this type of hateful policy. It troubles me it targets individuals from specific countries.

      1. I think it’s high a time Africans return home for us all to build our continent ourselves, accepting the reality that not all humans can enjoy luxury lives but just a peaceful livelihood. Most desires to seek for greener pasture is due to the quality kind of luxury lives they are suffering.

    1. Really? I need facts to support your allegations mister. You better not just write any dumb stuff as reaction. It is such statements that add fuel on the 🔥, insult to injury. In this global world you better have your facts straight. Your comment is totally unfair and can only excite more bigotry, racism and all the other isms…

      1. Good judgment. It only tells Nigerian government that they are not doing enough to develop their people socially and economically.

    2. Africa vas 54 countries. Educate yourself. When an individual commits a crime deal with them. Not the whole damn continent. Do they say whites or Europeans when talking about the western criminals?!

    3. PEDDLING is not an African language and DRUG is not an African language. They belong to Europe and started in Europe. Stop stereotyping people because they look different. If you catch crime suspects irrespective of race, nationality and gender, the right thing to do is to persecute them. Your deportation policy is racial and nationalistic.

      1. PEDDLING is not an African language and DRUG is not an African language. They belong to Europe and started in Europe. Stop stereotyping people because they look different. If you catch crime suspects irrespective of race, nationality and gender, the right thing to do is not to persecute bur to prosecute them. Your deportation policy is racial and nationalistic.


      2. Their jails are overflowing and they can’t hold on any longer. All this countries mentioned here are mostly are very radical and somehow weak links to their national security and they have rights to secure their country before it becomes like Iraq or Nigeria

        1. Yes I agreed we should make our country a better place, not running to other country for roof when we have thousands of mansion here in Nigerian . kill the corrupt ones and make this great nation a better place, I love my country (NIGERIAN).

        2. Bro please talk ,who brouht rhe war in iraq ,who control the oil in nigeria ,please who do not want to live a better life n be develope ,these people can never leave us alone i dnt care hard we try who dnt want to be in peace, if the leave us be they will suffer!

    4. Isa, you don’t know ALL or even MOST African immigrants in your country so please stop generalising. You eat, swallow and sh*t whatever the media CHOOSES to report to you. Do your own research and stop regurgitating what you see in the media.

  3. Wow this is of grieve concern, there is an immigration battle unfolding from east to west it’s same story even Ghana and south Africa wants immigrants out of their country, as an immigrant I fear for the future of nations and the tough stand that will arise for immigrant and nationalism soon.

    1. Stringent measures can be put in place to check immigrants; but not an outright blacklisting of an entire nation(s).
      This will not foster world peace. There is always some criminals amongst any given nation, including Czech Republic.

    2. I read the Ghana story. It was about immigrants engaging in petty trading which is against their laws. Iwe should, as immigrants respect laws of our host nations….. Simllicita

    3. Don’t bring in Ghana here. If u have immigrants from a particular country engaged in kidnapping and arm robbery, should the host country be sitting down and watch unconcerned? Who will tolerate this?
      The subject here is different

    4. Ghana is not expelling immigrants. It’s the criminals from foreign countries they don’t want. Law abiding foreigners are welcome. I know some foreigners who are very good and law abiding. They’re like family.

    5. Ghana is a motherland and we welcome everyone but Nigerians are becoming too difficult to handle. They don’t respect our laws in trade, besides that Nigeria immigrants are engaging in all the shoddy works/criminal activities like prostitution, drugs, internet fraud, kidnapping, robbery and etc. we have an about 7.5 million Nigerians in Ghana and if they don’t conduct themselves well the best thing is to send them back to their homeland as they did to us in some years back.

    1. Exactly. If the Afrikan ( correct spelling) people are not welcome then neither should ANY RESOURCES FROM OUR COUNTRY

  4. point of correction…there is no policy in south africa that aims to chase immigrants, in fact we issue temporary citizenship permit to qualifying immigrants

      1. I beg to differ. I’m against xenophobia but what they have done to our country is unacceptable. As a guest you need to respect and abide by the rules of the country, they attack police officers and sell, drugs and exploited our youth and (human trafficking) the list is endless. They don’t fight their own force in Nigeria but come and fight South African police (resisting arrests when found with drugs) , no regard for our law at all. See the state of Point in Durban as well as Hillbrow in Gauteng. Calling us slaves in our own country, the list is endless,. As a guest respect the country and its laws.

        1. South Africans also sell drugs and resist arrests. Any crime suspect irredoective of nationality etc, should be made to pass through the criminal justice processes and procedures but not lynched to death.

          1. Whether South Africans do drugs and all those things, thing is if you are a guest do not compete with the unlawful child of the house rather abide with the law of the house for your own safety because once you start ignoring the laws and think that you must be treated the same way as the hosts then you will be FIRED

    1. It is really a good thing to do for foreigners it also helps in identifying them and also holding them responsible for their actions, where do they issue the temporary citizenship permits?

  5. Wonderful we need our brothers and sisters no matter what they will contribute toward our beloved country. #proudly Nigeria#

  6. The issue in Czech is different. The country has been under communist regime till 1989, competely closed to immigration. The only immigrants there were, were from Vietnam. These people however worked very hard, and could without problems adjust to the Czech culture. Problematic minority were always the Gypsies, who were from bigger part the oposit of the Vitnamees. A big aversion towards gypsies has been gradually building in the country for many years. In the last couple of years, immigration bacame an issue in Europe, and as such, very immigration conservative Czech, started to sense a thread of more “gypsy like” people comming. This being a simple perception based on no experience with immigration. Some political parties started to use this fear as a tool to get voters on their side. The result is obvious, immigrants are not welcomed. Needs to be said that, there are even more dramatic examples of anti-immigritaon in Europe as i. e. Hungary.

  7. I am worried why off all the countries mentioned, why did the media single out Nigeria only as the headline? As if they were asking only the Nigerians there to go. That’s so bad, no country is perfect (citizens).

    1. The Nigerians are in the Majority when it comes to crime in the countries where they are being asked to leave. Why can’t our Nigerian brothers be honest with themselves. No one will hate you for doing nothing. If you are an asset to me why do I have to hate. They have become a big liability and destroying their youth , so go home , presto.

      1. That’s actually not true, you will be hated for doing nothing, all you have to be is black. They are not asking criminals to go back home but all, including law abiding immigrants. I am a Nigerian born and raised in the west and if they had a chance they would send us all back.

        What saddens me reading the comments is how divided Africans are as a continent, the comments quickly became Africans attacking others because they are unable to empathise.

        When will we realise we are stronger together, when will we realise that’s why the European Union was created, United States is the size of 51 countries, when will we be wise enough to unite and become stronger together.

        Maybe the future generation will be wiser and realise that we are all one people. Together we stand, divided we fall.

  8. It’s a painful proposition to read as an African. It’s racist, insulting and quite frankly an inhumane approach to the struggles of real people, not animals. It’s a plan that’s not going to work. Only fools believe that a country can stand without the cohabitation of others who come from different places. Immigration is the oldest thing in human experience. People move around mostly because they must in order to survive.
    On the other hand, we cannot find solace in only blaming the host country however racist and unwelcoming its people can be. We have to look at what our countries of origin are doing as well. Returning to Nigeria, Mali or Senegal is not an attractive offer because life is very difficult in these countries. Our puppethead leaders are destroying our livelihood and forcing people to find a better life elsewhere. No matter how hard life is in the host country, it’s still much better than returning; a sad truth to confess. From another immigrant in a land that is hostile to all that I stand for. Tough world it is indeed.

  9. I do not blame any of these countries for telling immigrant to go home. As one of the commentators above mentioned, what has our leaders in Africa doing to better the life of our brothers and sisters. The wealth is concentrated in the hands of few leaders, sadly, this wealth is been deposited in foreign banks, where our brothers and sisters are being treated as sub-human. Things would be the same until our opportunist leaders are sent pack from government offices and true country lovers and leaders with vision start to lead African countries.

    1. It is sad to hear whenever Africans are disrespected and shunned in foreign countries. Buy why only Nigeria in Africa all the time? It’s time real African patriots start movements to educate our people, bring down the dictators and start the foundation for a new Africa

  10. Stop peddling falsehood, Ghana has never asked Nigerians out…They reported the upward surge of armed robberies and kidnapping which were all commited by some notorious Nigerians who won’t leave in peace with all men and respect their laws.
    Nobody will be happy to host any national who will break their laws with impunity.

  11. Our African Leaders have failed their people, hence there is a migration to other countries in huge numbers. I see nothing wrong with the proposal if directed to trouble makers of foreign nationals in other countries. We have a problem in South Africa of most Nigerians peddling drugs and human trafficking, and operating prostitutes dens. Such people should be deported back to their countries without any mercy and good foreign nationals should be allowed to be wherever they want to be regardless of their nationality.

  12. My focal point is on the African Migrants, reason is that I am also one amongst the race.Three issues must be addressed if the world need peace and also to curb immigration whether legal or illegal;
    1.The world leaders,such as the United states of America, the United Kingdom and other Allied nations must stop invading Africa to extort from her,the mineral resources which is one means of her livelihood.By extortion, I mean using various means such as unemployment amongst the citizens,having technically absorb her own experts to do the job meant for African unemployed youths.
    2.By discouraging African leaders to enter into illegal deals with foreigners whose aim is to devaste the economy of the country and who are also money bags.
    3.By completely discouraging African leaders from any transaction capable of destroying the economic standard of the country for the above mentioned countries is a recipient. For instance carrying out illegal money transaction in other foreign countries knowing that such monies are stolen money from Africa and saved in Foreign countries for its benefit.All of these practices must stop for Africa to grow independently.
    Thank you

  13. I’m so sorry to single out our African brothers but i believe most of them they don’t respect the laws of other countries and its people. In South Africa there’s a lot of drugs and those guys who sell those drugs are Nigeria.talking from experience. Then we have all these cheap labours from Zim,Malawi and Lesotho they are killing us

    1. Excuss me, i totally disagree with you stating “most of them.”
      Nigerians are almost 200,000, 000 in Population, can you please be specific numerically to prove your”most of them don’t respect the laws of other countries”? Recently, it was on record that Nigerian students at the Oxford University graduated with first class the highest among her continent in such prestigious University.
      That did not go viral. Some day our image will be restored and the world will look for us.

    2. why is it always Nigerians only all over the world if they did not do something wrong, Nigerians are stealing young and beautiful girls for sex slaves why are they not doing that in their country. drugs all over the world why do they want to get rich quick. there’s no country that loves Nigerians, so go back home.

  14. Who and where are the good and true leaders we always talk of to lead Nigeria? The so called progressives like Tinubu who can boast of been richer than the whole of Osun state in the presence of the Ata oja and in his palace or who can be proud to tell the whole nation after been caught with bullion van full of money in his house on the day of the election shamelessly declaring he is not in government but we all know where the whole lagos tax goes. (A k a, Alpha beta) a tax collection company solely owned by Tinubu. Do you read corruption related allegations against his anointed son planted as number one nation tax collector in abuja recently? The IRS DG Oga Fowler, so tell me how can Buhari govern well if surrounded by those kind of judases

    1. The people that made those countries like Ghana, South Africa and other countries in the world to be treating Nigerians the way it is now are from one part of Nigeria.

  15. I wish all Nigerian politicians could be turned into wild animals and be driven into the wild,b/c of all the countries mentioned Nigeria has the most useless government,brainless ,educated fools, corrupt bastards,money launderers ,occultic bigots ,drug addicts with no sense of a little child.

  16. As for the Nigerians the least said about them the better, I’ve had a personal encounter with some of them and it was a very horrific experience. Talking of law abiding? Forget it, it’s not found in their genes.

    1. Why is it that when it comes to crime, the first country to mention is Nigeria? Most of its travllers abroad are nonlaw abiding criminals. They think they are very wise and want to take advantage of every situation.
      African leaders have made staying home a difficult thing to do. But then why can’t these Nigerians simply live peacefully in foreign lands and respect the laws of the lands? 90 out of every 100 Nigerian people living abroad can be said to be grosse criminals.
      Every country has its own criminals to deal with. Therefore don’t go there and add your criminal activities to that. When a foreigner commits grosse crime, it is 10 times more painful than a citizen, although the damage may be the same. So don’t compare the criminal activities of citizens with that of foreigners. As a foreigner, you must contribute positively to the host nation. If not, stay in your own country.

  17. We need Biafra to raise thr dignity of African. Every black man and woman living must support the emergence of Biafra

  18. Such a sick news, come about because of failure of leadership in Nigeria. I have traveled the whole length and breath of Nigeria and I know if we have leaders with vision, patriotism and nationalism, no Nigerian will be insulted anywhere in the world and even the Czechs will be begging to come to motherland!

  19. If Europe and America had not meddled in the politics of most African countries for their selfish gain, there would not have been the need for Africans to travel abroad. Their ruining of Africa goes as far back as sabotaging Ghana’s first president through to what France do to the Francophone countries and to what they’ve done in Libya. Such a shame. Read an article by Mawuna Ramarque KOUTONIN – 14 African countries forced by France to pay colonial tax for the benefits of slavery and colonization. A real eye opener

    1. My dear the European has help Africa a lot… if you can read and write today it’s because of them. The gadget you used to type this comment was made by who? Africans always refuses to think and put blames on others. “Black man is capable of managing it own affairs” this was said by Nkrumah but what are we seeing? We always run to IMF for a bailout. Nigeria is producing oil in commercial qualities but her sons and daughters has scattered over the world… what does Czech Republic? Check the resources that Nigeria have and ask yourself why? The mindset of Blackman is the problem.

  20. Is this a lawless country that they can’t enforce the laws? What is purpose of establishing laws then?
    In this modern age is this the best alternative.

  21. I have realized that NIGERIA is a strong keyword to use and these bloggers use it to get more people read their articles. And some people will only read the title and conclude. I read the article and it was not talking only about Nigerians! And that makes the title wrong and misleading!

  22. God bless Africa. Our leaders put us at your browser to see us as unwanted persons, I cry the likes of Thomas Sankara, Father Ghadaffi, Robert Mugabe, Bob Marley, Europe owe us Africa and they will surely pay someday. We love you Nigeria, we are one,God bless Africa

  23. As a South Áfrican,it is heart wrenching to see what is happening in S. A. due to lack of influx control.Without wanting to be offensive, the worst foreign nationals in S.A.are Nigerians by consensus.Their primary activities, are drug syndicates, coupled with prostitutión, related to drugs, escalating crime and murder, damaging the core of our nation, our youth. In South África, they offer this nation nothing, but woe. Any countries people would welcome foreign nationals, if they intégrate, contribute, and abide by a country’S laws and norms.South Áfricans are a rainbow nation, Black, White, Afro-Asians, Brown ‘Coloured’ people, individually and collectively a loving and friendly people and nation.To put the cherry on the top, the Nigerian populace is arrogant, delusionally proud, a menace in S. A. We have other foreign nationals from África and around the globe. We can feel their numbers are excessive, but we can’t level the same criticsim of them. Yes, Xenephobia, attacks did occurr in S. Africa, sadly. We mourn, the loss of human lives. It occurred as a result of this social, economic, polítical, crisis which the government created with ilegal immigrants into the general population, and to now, has not addressed. So Nigerians and I believe there are millions out there, good and honorable,my appeal to you, is please when you experiencing, this backlash it is painful,however it is what you have sowed in other countries. It is comforting to say, others are racist, for your problems now, but the brutal hard facts is a bitter pill to swallow. I am not stereotyping Nigerians per se, what I have presented here is a factual account of the South Áfrican experience. Millions in S. Africa will attest to this. There are many S. Africans, who resettled and expats who work abroad, but have not created these ploblems where they are. There is also the problem with foreign nationals, who obtain, S. Áfrican passport, to gain access to other countries, it is done fraudulently, they then tarnish the S. A. Passport. Everybody loves their country, don’t run away from your country, address your problems.

  24. Nice post. I was checking constantly this blog and I am impressed! Very helpful info specifically the last part 🙂 I care for such info a lot. I was seeking this certain information for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck.

  25. The issue at stake is not aboutAfrica. It’s about citizens of specific countries not only in Africa. The question we should be asking is why the citizens of those countries. As we respect individual countries as sovereign countries, we should also know that there are laws to be observed. No country including Ghana and Nigeria will sit there for citizens from other parts of the world to come in an introduce cultures and deviant behaviours that run inimical to social progress and protection including armed robbery, kidnapping, illegal mining and naked prostitution. In any case, has any body tried getting a copy of the Czech immigration laws to find out whether what we Africans are crying about is part or not? We should talk to our compatriots to behave well when they travel outside their home countries instead of teaming up with social miscreants and nation wreckers as Ghana is experiencing now. It’s a national tragedy. The behaviour of some Nigerians in Ghana especially those from One particular state I don’t want to mention is nothing to write home about. They are not afraid of anything and can go at any length to perpetuate crime. Chinese in Ghana who are law abiding are not mentioned any where in Ghanaian papers. The same applies to Nigerians.

  26. It’s a shame Nigerians are becoming difficult to be handled in the world. Ghana did not know kidnapping, armed robbery and hard drugs but these Nigerians are bringing it to Ghana. They better stay in that shithole Nigeria and fool there

  27. I’m impressed, I must say. Truly rarely do you encounter a weblog that’s both educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you may have hit the nail around the head. Your concept is outstanding; ab muscles a thing that there are not enough folks are speaking intelligently about. I’m happy which i came across this at my look for something with this.

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  31. They (Europe) came to Africa and loot our treasury including human resources and use the treasury to develop Europe now we need the treasury back. So you cannot ask us to leave.

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    Great, thanks for sharing this article. Much obliged!.

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