Do You Trust These Current Pan-Africanists?

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American peace corps volunteers are graduates of the most prestigious Universities in the United States. Some even come from the wealthiest American families. Pan-Africanists….

When they volunteer to serve American supremacy in the world, they are ready to go wherever they are sent.

In Ghana you find them in the remotest village. They spend months to learn the village language and speak with the villagers in their own language.

Do You Trust These Current Pan-Africanists?
Do You Trust These Current Pan-Africanists?

That way they got the confidence of our people and they succeed their missions.

I found German volunteers doing similar things in Ghana.

Now come our pan-africanists. They spend years thinking, debating, conferencing, doing awokeness.


The only languages they know are the colonial languages. They don’t have time to learn any African languages.

They want to change Africa from America and London. And their favorite ways of doing are YouTube videos, another blablabla Egypt, check anta Diop, kemet, Mr. Nkrumah and others

Do You Trust These Current Pan-Africanists?
Do You Trust These Current Pan-Africanists?

While the enemy is ready to go live in our villages without electricity, without tap water, without modern water closet, in hut houses in order to achieve their white supremacy mission, our beloved pan-africanists can’t live in Africa because there is no McDonald.

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