First Religious statues were Black on every continent

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The first Religious statues were Black

India: The first Religious statues were Black in India. Before Buddha looked Chinese, the way we’ve come to know him, he looked like us, an African. And was worshiped like that throughout Asia

Mexico: The Olmec civilization begin in 1200 BC, before the Mayans and the Aztecs. The colossal Negroid heads were the center-piece in religious worship events. The heads are from 5 to 11 feet high and some are over 10 tons.

Egypt: Egyptian pharaohs were also considered religious figures, even divine. The further you go back in Egyptian history the more Negroid Egyptian statues become.

Viet Nam: Viet Nam’s early religious statues were very black. So says this depiction of Vishnu, a Hindu deity. The Chinese called the Champa Empire (now know as Viet Nam) the land of black men.

Thailand: The first Religious statues were Black in Thailand. Thailand’s ancient depiction of Buddha was also very black (negroid).

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Rome: The Roman god Hermes was known as The god of poetry.

China: Even China’s early religious statues were very Negroid. 

Russia: The first depictions of mother Mary and baby Jesus were black. And they were worshiped like that all over Europe until the idea of white supremacy came about.  Russia and Poland still worship with the original images.

Cambodia: Angkor Wat (Temple City) is a religious temple that is about 500 acres. It was built in the 12th century by Khmer King Suryavarman. And is the largest religious monument in the world.

The People Of That Time Said The Khmer Were Black

The Chinese described the Khmer people as small black man with flat noses and Curly to kinky hair. At it’s height the Khmer Kingdom stretched from South China to Thailand.

Source: blackarchaeologist

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