How the hell did Christianity Get Into Ethiopia?


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One thing an African must realize is that, our Dark-skin denotes Ancient. So anyone writing a story, will use Africans as a way to validate their mythological stories. .

Abyssinian/Ethiopians, were never physically colonized by the Europeans but they were mentally colonized via a way of Deception. .

Europeans started visiting Ethiopia in droves, in the early parts of the 19th century A.C.E..

Prior to the Europeans coming into Ethiopia, they already had a planned agenda to mentally colonize the Ethiopians with Religion.

Ethiopians practiced their original spiritual way of living. The Ethiopians did not practice any of the Abrahamic religions and contrary to popular belief, Ethiopians were never the original Jews, prior to the English Missionaries.

It all begun in 1765 when a Scottish Explorer by the name of James Bruce, went down the Red Sea, into Ethiopia in search of the source of the Nile..

Christianity in Ethiopia
Christianity in Ethiopia

“Travels To Discover The Source Of The Nile” was a multi volume accounts of Scottish Explorer James Bruce of his journeys in the Horn of Africa”. .

Most British Explorers in the 18th century were actually agents sent out by the British to investigate the rich natural resources of their chosen African country.

James Bruce returned to Ethiopia under the instruction to do more investigation but due to the love James Bruce had for Ethiopia, he never went ahead with the orders and rather concentrated on his own aspirations. ..

4 years later, news came from England to relief James Bruce of his duties…

James Bruce retired and went back to Scotland where he died peacefully in his home on 27 April 1794.

1800 A.C.E, another British Explorer by the name George Earnestly, was also sent to investigate Ethiopia’s natural resources…

5 years later, in 1805, another English Explorer by the name of Henry Salt, was also sent down to Ethiopia…

In 1814 A.C.E, Henry Salt reported back to England with his findings..

Henry Salt’s compiled investigative work were satisfying enough for the English, that they planned to send out Missionaries, to go over to Ethiopia, to indoctrinate their chosen ethnic group, via a way of brainwashing them to believe their descendants are Solomon and Sheeba of the Bible…

Whilst Henry Salt and his men were in Ethiopia doing their investigative work, the English sent more Missionaries to Ethiopia, led by one Samuel Gobat in 1829. A.C.E.

1843 A.C.E, CT Beakley and the ABARDI Brothers Antoine & Antone, were commissioned to draw a map of Ethiopia and map out all the sites with abundant natural resources.

In the same year, Samuel Gobat, also compiled an Ethiopian Dictionary; .

On arriving, the English already knew which ethnic group they were about to convert.

Ethiopia has over 80 different ethnic groups…The Oromo’s are the largest group of them all…

Christianity in Ethiopia
Christianity in Ethiopia

The Mission statement of (Church Missionary Society CMS and Church Missionary Judeaca CMJ) was to set up an all English Missionary Schools in the Oromo Valley, so to teach the Oromo’s English and for the Missionaries to also learn Amharic. .

In the years leading up to 1855, the people of Oromo valley kept resisting the Europeans…A small group of Ethiopians refused to be mentally colonised or to be converted into Christianity. ..

Constant skirmishes took place among the English Missionaries and the Oromo ethnic groups..

In 1840 A.C.E, Martin Salt reported back to England with the news of the skirmishes between them and the Ethiopians…

The English Monarchy quickly needed to think of a plan B, if plan A did not go according to plan. .

In 1855 A.C.E….the Agents of England, decided to pick one of the Ethnic groups that was more conforming and this group happened to be the Galla clan of the Oromo’s.

To pacify the anger of the Galla people, the English Mornachy, ordered the Missionssries to pick a strong leader among the Galla people, to become the first Emperor of Ethiopia. .

Lij Gassa was chosen, given the name Tewodros the II and crowned the first Ethiopian Emperor in 1855 A.C.E.

In 1853, Dr. LT Craft, another English missionary, introduced Martin Plade to the customs of the Galla people…

Martin Plade spent 5 years in Ethiopia and went back to England and also reported his findings…

Whilst in England, Martin Plade compiled 29 Bibles in Amharic and brought them back to Ethiopia in 1858 A. C.E.

This incensed the newly crowned Ethiopian Emperor, Tewodros II aka Lij Gassa and he refused for his people to be indoctrinated. ..

Martin Plade pleaded with Tewodro II but to no avail.

Tewodros II never took a liking to Martin Plade and the longer Martin Plade stayed in Ethiopia, the angrier Tewodros II became…

An altercation took place between Tewodros II and Matin Plade which resulted in Matin Plade receiving a slap..

Asked why such altercation took place, Tewodros II insisted that Matin Plade must be sent back to England with an immidiate effect…

Martin Plade was supposedly irritating the Ethiopians and non were adhering to his teachings…Martin Plade quickly became the most hated English man among the Galla’s.

In 1860 A.C.E, another Missionary by the name Henry Aron Stern, from the “Church Missionary Judiaca”, was sent by the English Monarchy to reintroduced Christianity to the Ethiopians but this time with a twist…

The English spending almost 100 years in Ethiopia, were able to gather enough cultural information about the Galla people..

With the various cultural information gathered, the English Church Missionary decided to adopt their original plane of using the Solomonic fictitious Bible story, as the catalyst in coercing the Galla’s to conform and comply..

At first the Galla’s took to Henry Aron Stern well…although there were still some animosity among Tewodros II and the English missionaries, it didn’t stop him allowing the Missionaries to convert them…

Henry Aaron Stern had an English mandate to convert the Galla people into a Messianic Judaism version of Christianity. .


In 1865 A.C.E, the Galla people of Ethiopia were successfully converted and given their new identification of FALASHA’s Of Ethiopia aka BETA ISRAELITE.

In 1867 A.C.E, Tewodros II wrote a letter to the Queen of England and cited how bad the English missionaries have treated his people. In his letter, he stated that all the white people in Ethiopia are bad and only there for their own best interest and to also exploit them..

One year after the Queen of England received those letters from Emperor Tewodros II, he was assassinated in 1868 A.C.E.

I want the reader to understand that the Falasha’s of Ethiopia were cunningly converted into a Messianic Judaism version of Christianity….by using the Solomon and Sheba story in the Bible and they managed to further fabricated more stories by fictiously creating an incarnated name called Menelik I, a supposed son of Solomon and Sheba and the first Emperor of Ethiopia. ..

This version is the Psuedo historical narritives thats been taught to the masses….especially the Rastafarian community…

The correct historical cunning creation of the Ethiopian Solomonic Dynasty. …begun with Lij Gassa aka Tewodros II…

List of Ethiopian Emperors

  • Lij Gassa aka Tewodros II (1855-1868)
  • Yohannes IV (1872-1889)
  • Menelik II (1889-1913)
  • Prince Alemayehu aka Lij Gatho (1861-1879)
  • Iyasu V aka Julius (1910-1935)
  • Rastafari Mokennone aka Haile Salassie..(1930-1974)

Prince Alemayehu never became an Emperor but was rather kept under the protection of the British. they thought…

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  1. Man you need to keep studying. You clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. Take it from someone who actually Studies our history in depth, researched and writes articles. Got my second degree in African Studies.

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