I’m not a whiteman. Whatever thing they practise is their business. I am an African – Paul Kagame

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According to the Rwandan president Paul Kagame, Africans must stop practising the whiteman’s culture.

To him, what ever the whiteman practises is their business.

The black man has unique and enviable culture that needs to be practised and promoted, says the president

Practising what you have may help you grow and develop yourself better. This was an advice to Africans by Paul Kagame the Rwandan President

I’m not a whiteman. Whatever thing they practise is their business. I am an African – Paul Kagame


Rwanda: Paul Kagame Sends A Stern Warning to Anyone Attempting to Destabilise the Country

President Paul Kagame has sent a stern warning to those seeking to destabilise Rwanda saying that he was ready to raise the stakes to protect Rwandans.

Kagame was speaking at a ceremony to swear in new cabinet members and senior military officials at the Parliamentary Buildings in Kimihurura, on Thursday.

Kagame said that Rwandans have reached a time where they can take security for granted adding that it will continue to be the case.

“Where we are today, we have taken security more or less for granted… We will continue to take it for granted by any means,” the President said.

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“We are going to raise the cost on the part of anybody who wants to destabilise our security. The cost is going to be very high, whether it is the means we are going to put into that to make sure we have everything it takes to ensure security and stability of our country and our development. It is also the cost, mainly that those people who want to destabilise our country are going to incur, it is going to be a very high cost on their part. Absolutely. I mean it and you know that I mean it,” Kagame added.

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