Larry Solomon and the Dayton and El Paso Shootings – This is What White Supremacy Looks Like

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Larry Solomon of Biblical Gender Roles is at it again. He’s sounding off on the tragic mass shootings of this weekend. Just like many people are. The difference is that Larry thinks liberalism caused the El Paso shootings and that white entitlement and white supremacy are unrelated. He’s splitting hairs again, this is what white supremacy looks like these days. The secretive oozing around behind the scenes supremacy.

First Larry  the hairy man decries terrorism. Like anyone would.

But Larry does that thing that is extremely unhelpful. He mentions the terrorists by their names, giving them even more attention for their heinous crimes before trying to excuse what they did by saying it’s mental illness. He even tries to link the Dayton, Ohio shooter to Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, completely skipping the fact that our own dear president Donald Trump uttered many of the same words, platitudes and phrases in the manifestos and social media of each killer.

We have heard already and will continue to hear in the days and weeks to come that Donald Trump and anyone who believes that the people of United States have a right to determine who comes into their country are the cause of the massacre which occurred in El Paso, Texas on Saturday. We will also hear how gun rights and violent video games caused this massacre as well.

Face it, Larry, the words of Trump and all the swill he has spewed are clearly reflected in the words of the killers. Our president shares blame in creating a climate where it’s not frowned upon to use violence, to be dangerous to others.

I will agree that video games did not cause the shootings. If video games were the real problem this type of stochastic terrorism would be bigger in places like Japan with their huge numbers of video gamers.

Also, if you look at the terrorism numbers of other developed nations who have in place laws that prohibit assault rifles you will see lower rates of murder. Another Larry lie. No one needs an assault rifle for protection.

Larry has two causes:

The first is Mental instability. A mentally stable person does not go out and shoot up a crown of innocent people whether to make a political point or just make a name for himself.

Larry Solomon and the Dayton and El Paso Shootings – This is What White Supremacy Looks Like
Larry Solomon and the Dayton and El Paso Shootings – This is What White Supremacy Looks Like

This is  not known to be a cause of mass shootings. But you know what is, what all these guys have in common? A propensity towards domestic violence. Statistics and research from legitimate scientific studies show that the mentally ill are less likely than the average person to kill others. People with no respect for women, who threaten and beat, are many more times likely to take it to a mass killing. Even guys who without medications from their wives.


If, IF this was true regarding mental health would not it make sense to overhaul our flawed medical and mental health systems so that earlier swifter intervention happens? Increased affordable access to mental health treatment would lower these incidents. But of course those that vote like Larry Solomon does oppose any programs that will help other people, like medicare for all.

The second is the ideologies of White Supremacists and Antifa.   Both groups believe in using violence to achieve their political goals.  White Supremacist groups believe in using violence in an attempt to intimidate minorities in America.  Antifa believes in using violence to silence nationalists, conservatives and any other group which does not support their globalist and socialist goals.

Ah, Larry raises that straight from President Trump boogieman that does not really exist in this form – the Antifa, the anti fascist brigade. I remember when being anti fascism was a good thing in this country. There are zero legitimate Antifa violent mass shootings on record.

The Klan and other groups are a problem, and are emboldened by the reckless talk by our president. They have stopped skulking in the shadows.

Larry goes on to say that the problem is people like the Klan, and universities for teaching diversity, while screeching that no nation survives being diversified.


Think about this for a minute. If any white person expresses even the least concern about their shrinking numbers in America, or if a white person encourages other people to have more children because their fertility rates have been lower – that person is denounced as a White Supremacist.

In other words, the only way to not be called a White supremacist today is if you are totally cool with the White population in America shrinking and you vehemently condemn “whiteness” and “white privilege”.

As you can see Larry is just now starting to inch over into Ayla Stewart’s hysterical out breed the brown people territory while saying how racist she is not. I guess water is not wet and up is down too.

But then let’s ask another question.  While no group has some divine right on America, does every ethnic group in America have the right to encourage its ethnicity to grow by having more children? The answer is YES.  Yet in America every ethnic group in America can try to encourage its growth except whites.  For whites to do so is racist and evil.  There is no logic in such condemnation.

Larry Solomon and the Dayton and El Paso Shootings – This is What White Supremacy Looks Like
Larry Solomon and the Dayton and El Paso Shootings – This is What White Supremacy Looks Like

Because most whites carrying on about growing their own population are saying things about purposely outbreeding scary brown people. None of the other groups are making such racist statements. It is still racism.

And this also goes to political concerns. It is a well-known fact that various ethnic groups tend to cluster in the neighborhoods in which they choose to live, the people whom they choose to date and marry, the churches they attend and even which political party they vote for.  Even in large liberal cities which are by far the most multiracial areas, if you go down to the neighborhood level there is almost always a majority race in that neighborhood.

In other words, most people marry someone of their own race, most people attend a church whose overwhelming majority is their race, most people tend to live in neighborhoods that are mostly their own race and when people vote they tend to vote with their race.

No matter how you wrap it this is still racist thinking. People may or may not live with, marry into or not their own races, but this is not a good or even Biblical justification for white racism. Larry is just another squealing troll that is racist, but is upset that anyone would call him one. Just like people’s elderly Na-nas and assorted relatives from a different time.

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