Man spends birthday cleaning cemetery


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A private businessman, Ali Suraj, on Sunday, 26 May 2019 celebrated his 40th birthday at the Tafo cemetery in the Old Tafo Municipality of the Ashanti region. 

Mr Suraj spent the day together with his friends clearing weeds and rubbish at the cemetery. 

Explaining the reason behind his action in an interview with Class News’ regional correspondent Elisha Adarkwah, Mr Suraj said the cemetery will be his final home one day when he lives the world and, therefore, found it appropriate to use the day to clean the place. 

Mr Suraj who is also the leader of the Ashanti Regional Zongo Youth also noted that the cemetery has been a home for his ancestors and cleaning and improving its sanitary situation will make them rest peacefully.

“I decided purposely to come here [Tafo cemetery] to mark my 40th birthday. The reason behind it is to clean the environment because our fathers and our mothers are here, and the place is dirty that’s why I decided to use my birthday to clean the environment,” he said. 

The Tafo cemetery located in the Old Tafo municipality is the biggest cemetery in Kumasi which serves almost all residents in Kumasi and its adjoining districts. 

The cemetery has, however, become bushy as bereaved families have to weed to find a space to dig a grave to bury their dead ones.

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