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First of all it absolutely no evidence that monotheism predates polytheism. And we need to talk in-terms of evidence don’t we?And we’ve got to be responsible and rational about this. Monotheism and Polytheism Gods

We need evidence OK, the oldest evidence we have of religious practice is polytheistic. The other things I will say is that religion is a modern category which is very well documented with a lot of study on it.

Religion is a waving standard we impose on people which lies on a behavior by early homosapien, neanderthals, civic cults in Ancient Greece, Islam, Judeo-Christian, monotheism and so forth.

The Abrahamic Religions

And these are not necessary the same categories of experience, but one thing I can tell is all of these categories are socially responsive, they reflect the makeup of the society at that time.

They do things that society want them to do so you don’t get Islam ☪️ before Mohammed, you don’t get appropriate form of Judaism ✡️ and Christianity ✝️ before these religions emerge.

They are historical construct and they emerged in that way for particular reason.

Also Other Stories

So the civic religions of classical Greece responded to a civic structure which is basically everyone lived by, so you needed a religion unifying that city.

Christianity and Islam emerged in a very complex situation but they gain power through imperial systems and they responded very well in centralizing religion based around a single God who rules everything and very good allegories of empire.

They do many other things(rather not all things they do) and are also socially responsible. If you want one very good piece of evidence for the idea that religion is social construct, think again about GENDER. This is the fact that almost all this societies we’ve had so far is been MALE DOMINATED or almost every religion is male dominated. That is its because the TWO are responding to each other religion and society 

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  1. It is an erroneous idea to discredit religion because of a social construct. Albeit a skewed one. Male domination rest more of which sex is the strongest. There is ample evidences in all cultures that men were chief hunters and gatherers so it stands to reason that they would dominate the social construct with all things being equal.

    What evidence do you have that polytheism predates monotheism? You haven’t provided not one shred of evidence to buttress your point. One of the source of knowing about polytheism is through monotheism. It is monotheism that mentions polytheism as an aberration of what was intended which was monotheism. I will make reference to an Amazonian tribe which believes in a deity they refer to as “atnatu”( one who doesn’t ease himself). They perceived this entity to be singular.

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