At a popular amphi-theatre in Ghana’s capital Accra, hundreds gathered to watch the premiering of an animation film chronicling the history of one of Ghana’s most powerful and ancient kingdoms, the Ashanti Kingdom. (Tutu: The animation film about Ghana’s Ashanti Kingdom) Titled ‘Tutu’, the story is told of how a […]

Russell Moore was stolen at birth from his mother Beverley Moore Why man during the Stolen Generations era. He was taken into a white family who worked for the Salvation Army. This family (whose family name is Savage) eventually moved to the United States together with Russell Moore when he […]

When Europeans arrived in Africa they found it upon themselves to bring us commerce and civilization. However, Africa had its own forms of commerce, science, art and other measures of civilisation long before the arrival of the colonisers. When Europeans arrived in Africa, like everyone who comes from elsewhere into […]