If you’re like most people, you probably have two basic images of Africa. Either you think of something like this: (Why you shouldn’t look at Africa through a western lens?) That represents “the good” Africa: safaris, colorful tribes, and Egypt’s pyramids. It’s the stuff we see on National Geographic. Or […]

There are two countries in Africa that are considered by some scholars to never have been colonized: Liberia and Ethiopia. The truth, however, is much more complex and open to debate. Liberia The sovereign nation of ​Liberia is often described as never colonized because it was created so recently, in 1847. Liberia was […]

Two types of energies that we possess are negative and positive. Positive energy is terrific as it motivates and inspires us, as well as making us feel happy, alive, and energized. On the flip side, negative energy will make us feel exactly the opposite, unhappy, depressed, even angry. Extreme volumes […]