Ghana churches are the potential target of a terrorist group, Salafi-Jihadist based in Burkina Faso, the Africa Center for Security and Intelligence Studies (ACSIS) has warned. In a security alert obtained by, the Centre said the group has been moving in and out of Ghana’s border with Burkina Faso […]

Three boys from Cape Coast were sent to England by Rev. Thomas Thompson. Two died, but third, Phillip Quaque, became the first African to work in the Anglican Church, and returned to the Gold Coast in 1766 to work on the establishment of a missionary enterprise for the next fifty […]

“There is no hell where the souls of sinners suffer in eternity”, Pope Francis was quoted as saying Hell does not exist in a Thursday interview with Italian daily La Repubblica. Francis said: “after death, the souls of people who repent are pardoned by God and join in his contemplation, […]


Ghana Card Officer Busted A 26-year-old Data Input Officer at the National Identification Authority (NIA) has been arrested by the police for attempting to register two foreigners during the ongoing Ghana Card Registration exercise. Timothy Wuni would have succeeded in registering Alhassan Abdul Samed and Abubakar Ruali – both from […]


Ethiopia banned the adoption of Ethiopian children by foreign families, according to the country’s state-run News Agency ENA, citing concerns over abuse. Ethiopian officials previously suspended adoptions back in November, but allowed pending cases to continue through the process, according to the US Department of State.Children adopted by foreign families […]