Stolen Generations child still stranded in America

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Russell Moore was stolen at birth from his mother Beverley Moore Why man during the Stolen Generations era. He was taken into a white family who worked for the Salvation Army. This family (whose family name is Savage) eventually moved to the United States together with Russell Moore when he was 7.

Russell was never made aware of his true family even though his skin is visibly much darker than the Savage family. He was also raised by the name James Hudson Savage. By age 15 Russell was institutionalised in a reform school which is America’s version of a youth detention centre. A few years after that, the Savage family returned to Australia without Russell Moore which resulted in him living homeless for many years during his 20’s.


Stolen Generations child still stranded in America

It was in this period that Russell was in and out of jail for drug and alcohol related crimes. By 1989, Russell Moore was facing the prospect of being sentenced to death after being convicted of murder. During his case, Moore was spared the death penalty to serve his life sentence in prison. It was at this time in 1990 that Russell was able to first meet his mother who was flown over to the U.S to meet him by Indigenous supporters who helped raise money for her.

In recent years his mother continued campaigning for Moore to be returned home to finish his life sentence of 25 years. That time has now passed and sadly Russell’s mother Beverley has passed away while her son remains locked up in a Florida prison. The question now has to be asked… Why is he still locked up? Who is fighting to bring Russell back home to heal on his country? He has done his time. Now it is time for the Australian government to step up and do the very least they can do by bringing him home.


The Australian government failed Russell from birth. His life is a tragedy that continues today. The actions of the Australian government triggered the chain of events which left Moore stranded in America as a youth. Recent efforts to make contact with corrections officers in the United States have failed.

Stolen Generations child still stranded in America

View Russell Moore / James Hudson Savage: current prison details here.

It’s time for a campaign to bring Russell Moore back home. Let’s do everything we can to raise awareness about his case. Share this story, ask your local politicians and community leaders etc. All we need is a little bit of public pressure to make this happen. In 2007 while Moore was still yet to finish his 25 year sentence, a request to transfer him to Australia was rejected, however with the rejection came an invitation to reapply in 3 years. Now his sentence is finished, he is eligible for parole, all Russell needs is a bit of solidarity. He is 55, lets give him one last chance at life.

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