Stop Blaming The White Man, Take Ownership & Create Your Own Opportunities

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In this day and age, there are more resources at our disposal than there ever were. (Stop Blaming The White Man, Take Ownership & Create Your Own Opportunities)

With just our fingertips we can search for ways to do just about anything and find someone to guide us through it.

If we want to learn a skill, make money, or get advice the only thing we need to do is download an app, watch a video or read a blog post.

In this digital age, everyone is offering their two cents on just about every topic imaginable and for free.

If you were to go on YouTube right now and search how to buy and sell stocks for beginners you will find a video of Jack Chapple scribbling on a chalkboard instructing you to buy safe stocks, stay away from tech, get dividends and reinvest.

If you want to start a business there are small business development centers parked all over the city in which you live.

If you want to start a podcast, launch a website, or create a YouTube channel all it takes is a Google search.

Point is there is no excuse for why you aren’t successful. “The man” isn’t the one holding you down, the only one holding you down is you.

Take advantage of the resources presented to you and make change happen for yourself.


I can’t even count the number of times a week I see an article proclaiming to show you how to make money in your spare time.

Stop Blaming The White Man, Take Ownership & Create Your Own Opportunities
Stop Blaming The White Man, Take Ownership & Create Your Own Opportunities

And when you put these tips into practice you’ll find that most of them work.

In fact, I personally know several people who no longer have to work because they are making money from their blog or investing in real estate.

Even on Medium people like Shannon Ashley are making enough money to replace a 9 to 5 just by writing and are willing to share how the did it.

And guess what? They provide all this advice for free.

You don’t have to subscribe to their newsletter, pay for a course, or buy a book. Everything is online all you have to do is search.

When we as African Americans blaming racism for our failures we will be able to make change happen.

When we begin to take ownership of our own downfalls then we can create opportunities not just for ourselves but for our families and for our communities.

When we start to take initiative and grab the reins of our futures and lead it in the direction we choose we can achieve goals and our dreams will manifest.

1.Build relationships

My grandmother would say,

“It’s not what you know it’s who you know”.

She didn’t finish high school and by society’s standards she wasn’t the smartest person but she was a very wise woman.

She knew the value of relationships and understood that in order to get your foot in the door you have to know someone on the other side.

There are so many ways to build connections without ever leaving your house. It’s so easy to reach out to people who could make that dream become reality.

All it takes is a DM on Instagram, connection request on LinkedIn, quick survey on TaskRabbit or a message on Fiverr.

Stop Blaming The White Man, Take Ownership & Create Your Own Opportunities
Stop Blaming The White Man, Take Ownership & Create Your Own Opportunities

2. Show Up

Sometimes the greatest opportunities come to us when we show up.

We often think in order to get a “big break” we have to show an extreme amount of effort or talent when sometimes all you have to do is be present.

There are times when I’d rather not go to a workshop, seminar, or networking event but I think to myself, “what do I have to lose? If I go and if it’s a waste of time then that would suck. But what if it isn’t? What if I make a great connection?” I would never know if I didn’t show up.

3. Seize the Opportunity

Some opportunities come when we least expect it.

I would even argue that the best opportunities present themselves when we never expect them at all.

I have had the pleasure to work on projects that I never thought I would’ve but when the opportunity presented itself I took advantage of it.

I didn’t hesitate, I took what was given to me.

Because if I didn’t it may never present itself again. If I take it and it comes to nothing I’ve learned my lesson. But if I don’t take it and it comes back to bite me and I’ll regret it for the rest of my life.

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