Successful Black man explains why he only dates white women.


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There are some Black men who for whatever reason, they have made up their minds that they will never marry much less date a Black woman. (Successful Black man explains why he only dates white women.)

There have long been whispers that successful Black men date and marry white women because in their brainwashed minds, it was the ultimate symbol that they have made it. Some have also said that some Black men preferred white women because they were less argumentative and were willing to try anything in the bedroom.

Well, a successful Black man is debunking all of those schools of thoughts and is stating what he knows as the reason that he and most successful Black men date and end up marrying white women.

Successful Black man explains why he only dates white women.
Successful Black man explains why he only dates white women.


Below is the real reason successful Black men turn to white women, according to a successful Black man who we will call Omar.

Black women, you make some of us Black guys find it difficult to love you when you don’t love yourself. You bleach, you spend lots of money on Brazilian hair, and you embrace the Caucasian look. Why should we not as Brothers go to the original? It’s cheaper and less drama.

Some of you Black women are boring as fuck when it comes on to spontaneity relating to outdoor activities. A Black many say, “Let’s have some fun in the pool,” and the Black woman responds, “Oh no, I just did my hair, my nails will get messed up.” A Black man says, “Honey, do you want to go camping?” The Black woman responds, “Hell no! That involves dirt, that’s a no-no.” Well, Becky doesn’t give a damn. She’ll mess up her hair, nails; get dirty all in the name of fun and adventure.

Does this man have a point, Black women? Or is he just making excuses, the same way we make excuses of why we did not kill and die for you when the white man was raping you during slavery?

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E. Africa

One thought on “Successful Black man explains why he only dates white women.

  1. yeah…..a lot of black females are too uptight. you will never get them to go skinny dipping. they are too conservative or either too wild. we all need balance in life. i won’t even go into the weave stuff. as soon as i see that i know i’m dealing with a mental patient that doesn’t want any help.

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