Things to note before traveling to a visa-free country

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A Visa-free country and the Holders of Ghanaian passports can travel to over 60 countries worldwide without visas. made a list of the countries Ghana citizens can travel to without visas. You can check them out HERE.

People still get deported when traveling to these visa-free countries because they assume that free means free and therefore  go anyhow.

Below are some of the things you have to note when traveling to a visa-free country.

There’s still a border

Unlike moving from one schengen state to the other where they are no borders, you still pass through a border when traveling to a visa-free country. You will pass through Immigration/Passport control, Customs, security and any other processes you pass through when traveling to other countries where visas are required. The only difference here is that you don’t need visa. That’s all, nothing changes.

Prepare for interview

Because it’s a visa-free country and no one assessed your eligibility to travel, some countries will still interview you when you arrive at their airport. One of Jetsanza Explorers Shadrack Annor, had a very tough time entering Mauritius. I was interviewed in Singapore and Maldives before gaining entry into the countries. Prepare to face same. It’s usually simple for people traveling with a tour group.

Deportation from Singapore has reduced in recent years. It got to a time where Ghanaians were still required to hold a Letter of Introduction (Kind of Invitation Letter) before granting entry into Singapore. Today, almost everyone is granted entry.


Not having cash on you? Then what are your intentions? To find job and stay? Man, you won’t be allowed entry. As someone who is genuinely traveling for holiday, you need funds that will be able to pay for your entire stay. During my visit to Maldives, I paid for everything in advance; my accommodation, food, water transport, and activities. In this case, no one will expect me to have cash. And truly, I didn’t buy anything in Maldives, didn’t even see their banknotes. That was very bad of me.


You have no idea where you will be staying? You may not be granted entry. Book your accommodation in advance and carry the booking confirmation along. See how to book Hotel HERE.

Tourist Voucher

If your destination requires that you hold a tourist voucher, get it.

Return Ticket

Not having a return ticket? Then there’s no proof that you will leave the country. You will be deported if you fail to present a return air ticket.

Yellow Fever Card

Countries like Kenya require that you hold a Yellow Fever Vaccination card. Lucky enough for Ghanaians, we are forced at Kotoka International Airport to carry one to all destinations. Read more on Yellow Fever Vaccination cards HERE.

Check Period of stay permitted

Most importantly, check the maximum period of stay allowed. While some allow a maximum stay of 90 days, others allow only 30. If you intend to stay longer, make sure you’ve confirmed the maximum number of days allowed to stay.

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