Trump accuses WHO of ignoring racism against Africans in China

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US President Donald Trump has written to the World Health Organization (WHO) criticizing it for doing nothing to help Africans when they were subjected to racism in China. (Trump accuses WHO of ignoring racism against Africans in China)

Thousands of Africans were left stranded in China while others were subjected to several alleged maltreatment amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Most of the victims of such abuses and racist abuses were carried out against Africans living in southern Chinese city of Guangzhou.

Some Chinese landlords and hotel managers ejected Africans over fears that they are importing fresh cases of the coronavirus in the Asian country.

WHO of ignoring racism against Africans
WHO of ignoring racism against Africans

In viral videos some of the affected Africans migrant’s living in the Guangdong and Fujian Province accused the Chinese government of failing to protect them.

But China rejected the claims that its cities were maltreating Africans after African governments expressed displeasure.

President Trump in letter to the director general of the WHO called the global health body a “puppet of China”.

Trump has already suspended funding to the WHO after accusing the body of covering up for China over the outbreak of the coronavirus.

He has now threatened to permanently freeze US funding and accused China of failings in its response to the pandemic.


Trump said in his letter to WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus that his outfit did not comment on “China’s racially discriminatory actions” despite complaints of “forced quarantines, evictions and refusal of services” by African nationals.

WHO of ignoring racism against Africans
WHO of ignoring racism against Africans

According to President Trump the WHO should have condemned the “racially discriminatory actions”.

The WHO has come under constant attack from the United States with some of its politicians pushing for Dr. Tedros to resign from his post.

But the African Union has pushed back on such moves warning the US against attempts top push Dr. Tedros out.


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