Westerners in 2nd cycle organization keeps their hairs long but African aren’t allowed to grow theirs


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There’s something that has been bothering my mind and I believe could be one of the factors that pushes the African especially the Ghanaian woman or lady to prefer wearing other people’s hair to her own.

There shouldn’t be any justification for preferring to be someone else than being your unique self and some of us still couldn’t gather the courage to be our natural self when it comes to this hair issue. I believe right from the onset we are not trained to appreciate our natural hair let alone learn how to keep and take care of it.


Why is the African- Ghanaian female child not allowed to keep her hair in the public schools in Ghana but has to cut it while there’s no rule in Ghana Education Service that emphatically states that girls are not supposed to keep their hair.


What has keeping one’s hair got to do with academic excellence and intelligence…..the argument of girls wasting time on their hair prevents them from concentrating on their studies, which to me it holds no water….. If so we should have been better off than the European girl child. The little psychology I’ve studied made me understand that there’s no relationship between keeping long hair and intelligence.



If a girl is allowed to keep her hair from childhood without barbering it (based on choice), a girl who has finished high school will not rush to perm or fix artificial hair just to look more feminine or to show she’s now an adult……90% of third year high school girls start keeping their hair, I did same when I was there. All these are done in the pursuit of acquiring long hair. Our natural hair can equally be long if not because we’re forced to cut it for several years just because we want to acquire education.

Westerners in second cycle institution keeps their hairs but African authority frown on it own
Westerners in second cycle institution keeps their hairs but African authority frown on it own


If the Ghanaian girl child especially (because some African countries allow their girls to keep their natural hair long whiles in school) is allowed to keep her natural hair long, the taste for Indian hair and the like will reduce and we’ll gradually learn to appreciate our unique identify.


Forcing the girl child to keep a short hair whiles in basic and high school, to me is an act of suppression. It is high time some of these norms are erased because it adds no value to our progress as a nation. The western world is making huge sums of money out of us yearly from purchase of artificial hair. Our women in high positions and our gender activists should do something about this. This policy should be reconsidered. The girl child should have the freedom to choose between keeping long hair or barbering it.

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6 thoughts on “Westerners in 2nd cycle organization keeps their hairs long but African aren’t allowed to grow theirs

  1. Wrong sister I am a African American from New Orleans. Point being not a fair or mixed black. But dark and happy headed. I’ve lived in Ghana for 2 years now and I think it’s good for one it’s slowed down grown men from finding them attractive also it keep the young female from not thinking she’s woman before her time. And make her focus on allher studies. Point some girls have a high sex drive or are rebellious all girls are not the same all girls are not like yourself and can focus on their studies and have long hair. So that being said how can you tell which girl is which. By living in America I’ve seen African girls who are aloud to wear long hair dress as they please and I can tell they are very rebellious and sex driven all they think about is vain and being beautiful. So in Africa who ever came up with this rule to keep their hair short knew why.

    1. This your argument is so flawed and doesn’t hold water. how can growing up your hair leads to sex driven and not concentrating on your studies. As u serious. How did you come about this statistics? The africans here in Europe are growing up their natural hair and also doing perfectly in schools. Living in Ghana for 2years hahaha, i have lived there all my life and experience the reality on ground the when i was in school. 2years for u isn’t enough

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