Why People Run Away From Ancestral Cults?

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It is easy for us to condemn those who convert to Christianity or Islam but we forget to ask ourselves a very simple question: Is there any good reason for people to fly away from Ancestral Cults? Nowadays, so many Africans are unhappy practicing Abrahamic religions but they are unable to go back home to follow ancestral path for many reasons. Here are some of those reasons:

The aspect of the cult

Dirty. It is the main word people use to describe Ancestral Cults. And, to be honest, they are! The new generation is used to a level of cleanness that the priests, most of whom are old fashioned, are unable to reach. When you go to so many Vodu houses, the place is so dirty that you may vomit.

The odors of some infusions that are for spiritual baths are so horrible that nobody born in this 21st century would accept to have bath with them. If you add the animal craps and the various feathers you can find in the compound, you can easily run away no matter how high is your desire to practice Ancestral cults. To make it short, in terms of cleanness, we still have a long way to go. The new generation must take over and change the way things are done today to make, at least, the worship places clean.

Why People Run Away From Ancestral Cults?
Why People Run Away From Ancestral Cults?

It is a fact that most of the priests in our Ancestral cults don’t gain a lot of money by doing ceremonies for others. They do them for their own and their children’s safety and security. They also do them to save people’s life and they are not running after money.

Nowadays, money is the password of our world. When you see your traditionalist parents die poor, it is easy for you to believe that such a cult is the root of poverty. You would be the very first person to run and see the pastor to help you cut that “chain of poverty” your parents have left you in. Is there any pastor who has been able to remove any “curse of poverty”?

Abusive parents

Many of our forefathers were really irresponsible. They made a lot of children and were unable to take care of all of them. Many of their children grew up alone and hustled hard to gain their daily bread. Many have no education degree, no training and no job. A lot of them have never succeeded in their life and died in poverty.


Nobody in this situation would accept to take care of his irresponsible dad’s shrines. Most of those children, who did their best to succeed, never return home and don’t want anything to do with their family members. Logically, they won’t take over and they won’t follow any Ancestral path either!

We cannot ask people to follow ancestral path if we don’t correct the bad aspects of the cult. The main challenge is to make Ancestral Cults places CLEAN! CLEAN! CLEAN!

We must also know that Ancestral Cults are mainly about protection and security; money comes later in the hierarchy of welfare. Parents must do their best to make children like Ancestral Cults by bringing them to annual celebrations called PETA. Give one reason why people run away from Ancestral Cults.

Source: Koffi Tsagli

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