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The Christians often say God stays hidden because he wants us to choose to believe in him–if God made himself known he would take away our choice and our free will. So we have to believe in him on faith (without evidence).

I have a big problem with this. All the things I believe, I believe because there are good reasons to accept they are true (and even then, I’m rarely or never certain). God’s strategy guarantees that only children, the indoctrinated, the gullible, the fearful, the logically challenged and the emotionally needy will believe in him.

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There is a much better strategy than this. The Christians God should make himself known to EVERYONE in an incontrovertible way so no one will have any doubt he exists. That leaves us free to decide whether to worship him, love and give our lives to him, or just think he is a dick. This strategy would eliminate deadly squabbling between humans over who has the real god and would leave just two groups–those who worship him and those who don’t.

After all, deciding how to respond to God is the important decision–searching for an undetectable being that can never be found is a fool’s errand.

Of course, there is a good reason why my strategy is never used–a god would have to exist for it to work. Being hidden is the only available strategy for non-existent gods.

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  1. The strategy is better for you in the immediate. You wouldn’t have been able to come up with this strategy from hindsight. Rightly so, it is because of the limitation that you have as a creation and not the creator.

    What is interesting is that any creator who invents and creates has controls that they tailor to meet their system which others can come later and claim an upgrade. That is where that is with you. Without any planning, thought or creation, you assume you have found a perfect solution to a problem that you don’t know the wisdom behind. God could have gone the way you stated but decided to go this way because only he knows the intended outcome. Something you can’t envisage or hypothesize because it is beyond your realm

    For hundreds of years, scientists have only theorized about the black hole without any of them seeing one. This year we have been able to capture a premier image of the black hole. Same with the theory of God. The criteria of seeing him is after death. Maybe when it is your turn you will finally get to see if he exists or not

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